Nothing says "Southern" like the majesty of a superb magnolia tree, and builder Charles Christian let that impressive environmental asset direct the building process and  name of  his  premier  construction on Wild  Heron's Turtleback Lane at the appropriately named  Magnolia Shade.


"There was a large magnolia tree on the lot as well as a grove of small sand oaks that dictated the outline and placement of the house on the lot," said Mr. Christian. "We actually rotated the house on the lot to utilize the tree and enhance the exterior of the home."

In addition to the lush environment, attention to detail barkening back to a time when handcrafted and simple meant "exquisite," is evident as guests to this authentically designed Arts and Crafts home note the magnificent non-traditional garage doors that are done in Spanish red cedar with a mahogany stain. Exterior trim colors are done in Forest Green and two shades of blue to compliment the brown windows - earth tones indicative to the Arts and Crafts movement.